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Developer's Specials

We have just become licensed to perform the services of Mortgage Brokers, and Mortgage Bankers.

Now, we have the capability of placing financing for Qualified Borrowers, as well as providing High Quality Mortgage Investments to Lenders, Endowments, Funds, Pools, Companies, Unions, and Individual Investors who would participate in providing financing in AAA Money Mortgages for Coastal Resort Residential and Commercial Development in The Hottest, Fastest Growing Real Estate Market in the country.

If interested in participating in either:

Obtaining Financing, or

Investing in High Quality AAA Money Mortgages

Contact Us By Email, Phone, or Postal Mail!

John R. Hughes, Mortgage Banker
3850 Holden Road SouthWest
South Brunswick Islands, NC 28470


Call (910) 754-8364


Contact thru Email:

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